When business’s upgrade work computers and office servers, we are generally looking at machines that have run for at least a couple of years with pieces of software installed now and then, often undocumented. Often when these machines are changed, services and access to data and systems stops, things in general stop working until all the various services that were running are running again, and correct access to data and files restored.

When Fassifern IT manage a system changeover or machine migration go through a process of trying to identify as many of these services before machines are replaced and upgraded.  This way we know what to set up on the new incoming hardware so that when these new systems are deployed there is NO stop time in the office, it should be “transparent to the user”.

Fassifern IT use ITIL compliant process and documentation to ensure we know as much as possible about your upgrades and migrations as possible.  We will even do a backup of the outgoing hardware to ensure that if there is something we need from it later, we can get it.

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