Software can be very expensive as we all know – so why buy it!  You don’t need to use pirate software, which often contains bugs and viruses, and you don’t need to use ‘dodgy freeware’.

Open Source Software is legally FREE and Open Source standards have been around the computing and IT industries for decades.  There are very, very good software installations that really give value and in many cases are better than what you pay for.

Fassifern IT has already helped many local people and business change from their locked in, expensive upgrade software cycles to using free, open source software that doesn’t cost an arm or a leg.

We have local business using free POS solutions, that’s right, TOTALLY FREE POS.  We have people using open source office variants, such as LibreOffice and Open Office.  Instead of shelling out over $1000 for various photo-editing suites via the shops,  we have put people on to GIMP – totally free photo editing (and industry quality).  Don’t think we can’t save you money 😉 You don’t even need Windows in many cases, another software saving.

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